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St. Nicholas is out in the snow surrounded by little angels. The angels are running around and resemble young children.
St. Nicholas is standing outside with a girl in the snow. The girl is wearing heavy snow boots.
St. Nicholas standing holding bag of fruit in one hand and on his back and bible in his other hand with a gold staff. Wearing white robe with purple cloak lined in gold. On white background with gold writing.
The card is drawn in simple lines. St. Nicholas is in black-and-white; he wears a bishop's clothing and hat and carries a crosier. He is sitting on and squashing the bright red Krampus with devil horns, who is wrapped in a striped stocking.
St. Nicholas is riding a horse through the snow with children. The card is very red and has a German Christmas greeting on it.
St. Nicholas is reading a bedtime story to a child as he falls asleep. He is surrounded by toys and a warm fire place.
St. Nicholas is reaching out. It is a black and white card except for a purple rope. There is a Christmas greeting in German.
St. Nicholas is depicted as wearing a brown fur coat and hat. A piece of tan fabric, a robe or empty sack, hangs from his right shoulder. In his left hand he holds a curved stick, and his right hand is upraised, clutching a bundle of bare branches at…
St. Nicholas is putting gifts in children's shoes. He is holding a bouquet and a necklace.
St. Nicholas is preparing food for a child and a dog. The card has a German Christmas greeting on it.
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