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The card is drawn in simple lines. St. Nicholas is in black-and-white; he wears a bishop's clothing and hat and carries a crosier. He is sitting on and squashing the bright red Krampus with devil horns, who is wrapped in a striped stocking.
Santa Claus is standing in the center of the card, hanging a stocking on a Christmas tree to the right. The tree already has candles, lights, and a doll on it. "Wishing You A Merry Xmas" is printed on the left.
Santa Claus is pictured inside a golden bell that is decorated with holly; he is smoking a pipe while stuffing a jewelry box into a gray stocking. The bell reads "A Merry Xmas" at its top and "Sister's Delight" near the bottom. The card's background…
Santa Claus is smoking while stuffing a necklace into a white stocking. he is pictured on an upside-down bell. The card's background shows a sunset behind a house in a snowy field. The bell reads "Mama's Delight" and "A Merry Christmas" is printed at…
Pictured inside a golden bell decorated with holly, Santa Claus is smoking a pipe while stuffing a small white stocking. The card reads "Babies Delight" across the bell's bottom, and the background is a snowy field with evergreen trees.
Santa Claus is stuffing a pair of shoes into a stocking while smoking a pipe. He is pictured on a golden bell that is decorated with holly and the phrase "Papa's Delight". The card's background is a snowy field with a setting sun.
Santa Claus is dressed in his red suit and is stuffing a toy trumpet into a black and white stocking. The card is bordered in holly and reads "All Good Wishes for a Happy Christmas" at the bottom.
During Christmas Eve, a young girl is seen fast asleep. Beside her bed, Santa Claus is seen quietly putting gifts into the girl's stocking aside a Christmas tree. Above Santa Claus is the phrase "Merry Christmas".
Santa Claus is dressed in a red coat and cap. With both hands he lifts a child dressed in blue. Behind him is a full bag of toys, a stocking, and a fireplace. "A Joyous Christmas" is printed at the bottom.
Santa Claus is dressed in a red suit and seated on a yellow stool. He is stuffing a doll in a green dress and white bonnet into a black stocking. A drum and wrapped gift rest on the floor at his feet. "A Merry Christmas" is written across the top of…
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