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1956, p104.jpg
A yearbook page that reads, "THE LORIAN - ALL CATHOLIC 1955." Four photographs depict the Loras College newspaper staff performing various activities related to the newspaper.

Lorian Staff 17.jpg
Two people seated at a desk, one with a pencil and one on a telephone.

Lorian Staff 14.jpg
Three people stand near a table of photographs for printing.

Lorian Staff 13.jpg
Three people sitting at a desk of photographs. One has their hand on a guillotine paper cutter.

Lorian Staff 7.jpg
Four people stand around a desk, laughing. One person stands on a chair, and another seated person pumps his fist in the air.

Lorian Staff 6.jpg
Five people standing around a desk where one person is typing. One person looks distressed and is covering their eyes.

Lorian Staff 5.jpg
Three people seated as one person uses a guillotine paper cutter.

Lorian Staff 3.jpg
A person knelt near a printing machine, holding a newspaper.

Lorian Staff 2.jpg
A person arranging moveable type for a letterpress.
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