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Concerts 2.jpg
Three nuns playing instruments on stage: a violin, a cello, and a piano.

Concerts 1.jpg
Three nuns on stage. One is holding a cello, one is holding a violin, and one is at a piano.

Concerts 3.jpg
Three nuns standing with a priest and another person. Two of the nuns are holding a violin and cello. Signs over doors behind them read, "ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES" and "DIRECTOR'S OFFICE"

1956, p57.jpg
A yearbook page that reads, "Mantovani AND HIS NEW MUSIC." A photograph of conductor Mantovani accompanies text regarding his orchestra's visit to Loras College.

Pops, Boston 1.jpg
Several groups of people roll four clothing racks down a sidewalk. Two people are using dollies to move luggage and one person is carrying two suitcases. A person in a dark outfit and dark hat with a white collar is present, looking backward down the…

Pops, Boston 4.jpg
An orchestra standing on a stage in the Fieldhouse. A decoration on the wall in the background shows a person seated on a sphere, playing two horns. An audience is visible.

Pops, Boston 2.jpg
A person in an evening gown smiling and walking by an orchestra. An audience is seated, clapping. A basketball hoop can be seen in the background.

Band 1950 - 51 18.jpg
A band seated, playing sheet music set on music stands. A person at the front of the room is conducting.

Band 1950 - 51 16.jpg
Five people, each holding musical instruments, standing by piano. From the left: a trombone, a saxophone, a trumpet, xylophone mallet, and drumsticks.

Band 1950 - 51 15.jpg
Eight people squatting, staring at a pile of saxophones.
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