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Bear in pink coat visits a girl who has fallen asleep waiting for him. The bear is carrying some toys on his back in a brown basket.

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Father Christmas is drawn in cartoon style. He wears a red robe with green gloves, boots, and bag and a black hat. Red slippers are sitting in the corner of the room. Father Christmas faces away from the viewer, toward either a door or mirror. In his…
In this postcard the three bears are seen running through the woods with forks and knives, carrying a little girl with golden hair. The woods they are in are very snowy. At the bottom of the card "A Merry Christmas" is written on cursive.
In this postcard, a white bear is seen bewildered due to the fact that it sat on a freshly-painted red bench. At the bottom of the postcard the text "A Bear Impression" is written. There is also handwriting along the bottom.
A white bear stands on a pedestal. It is scratching its head with one hand and has a red ribbon around its wrist. There is also some sort of colored object on its front. "How can you bear this weather" is printed at the bottom and accompanied by…
A brown bear is ascending a dark staircase that has a white rail. It is facing away from the viewer. "The Bear on a Dark Stairway" is printed at the bottom.

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A brown bear with a blue bow tied around its neck stands in the center of the card. It is looking off the the right side with a slight smile. Printed at the bottom is ""It's up to you" followed by a handwritten "to write now".
A teddy bear is sitting on top of a round stool, its right paw uplifted in a wave. The print at the bottom reads "To My Valentine / Keep a little bare spot / In your heart for me: / You'll find me faithful / As Teddy B."
This postcard shoes a bear beside a beehive and lots of honey. On the left side the words "I cannot BEAR to lose you" are printed. On the upper right-hand of the postcard the text "O won't you BEE my HONEY, and cheer this lonely heart? For I would…
In this postcard a girl and a white bear are seen under a Christmas tree.They are holding hands and the little girl is also holding mistletoe. behind them is a well decorated Christmas tree and around them, there is a doll and a small blue ball on…
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