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Sisters of St. Francis 7.jpg
One sister wearing a nun's habit with four people in casual dress in the kitchen. They are arranging food. Large, metal dispensers can be seen behind them.

Sisters of St. Francis 8.jpg
Three sisters wearing nun's habits standing in a kitchen. One is smiling.

Loose Negatives from rest of box 23.jpg
Two people and a Nun in an industrial kitchen. A large container of food is on the counter.
Father Christmas is seated on a box inside a cave, with a pot over the fire behind him. A deer rests by his side on a bed of straw. In front of him, an angel in white gestures outside, where there is a house with smoke coming out its chimney. "Joyeux…
Krampus is seen with children on a pitchfork standing in front of a fire. The children are being held over the fire.
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