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This postcard shows a littler girl affectionately eyeing her toys around Christmas. She is wearing a red and white striped dress with red slippers and is in a room that is decorated with holly and other decorations.
Santa Claus can be seen in a profile portrait garnished by leaves and holly berries. On the bottom-middle part of the card reads the phrase "Cordial Christmas Greetings Fly at this glad time To one who is most dear- God Bless you, friend of mine!"…
A border of holly is seen among this postcard framing a snowy house on a bay. Above the snow covered house and boat, a flying white bird can be seen. At the bottom of a the card, among a snowbank, the phrase "A Merry Christmas" is printed.
This postcard has a rectangular border with a circular portrait in the top center. Around this portrait are orange leaves with red berries in the center. Inside the portrait, a snowy cabin in the woods is pictured. Outside of the portrait, on the…
A young girl is seen pointing the way to a snowy cabin in the distance for Father Christmas to take is sack of toys and holly branches to. Below the landscape, the phrase "Christmas Greetings" is written.
In a portrait ornamented by holly, an angel, with red, yellow, and orange wings, can be seen holding a red drum and drumstick. On the left-hand side of the postcard the phrase "His Peace be thine this Christmas" is printed.
Inset in a square in the lower left is an image of a blonde-haired, white-robed angel with a star over its head holding a small evergreen tree. Above the scene is a vase filled with holly. The card reads "A Happy Christmas to you."

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A blonde-haired angel is wearing a pink robe with golden polka dots. It is standing behind a large golden bell attached to holly and a red ribbon. "A Merry Christmas" is printed below it.
A white-robed golden-haired angel is feeding a deer and a fawn in the snow. Behind them is a forest. The scene is bordered by holly and has a slip of paper at the bottom that reads "Christmas Greetings."
Father Christmas is sitting in an armchair in somebody's living room. He is wearing a long red robe and brown cap. An angel with long fair hair, white wings, and a long white dress is leaning over, whispering in his ear. The top portion of the image…
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