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On a snowy evening, a little girl is seen roaming around about the snow. Behind the girl there is a monkey carrying toys and present boxes. Off in the distance, Father Christmas watches the little girl. On the bottom, in the middle of the card, the…
Father Christmas is seen holding two different sacks of toys . Behind him, in a picture, there is a snowy landscape framed by a sunset. On the bottom left-hand side the phrase "A Happy New Year" is printed.
Santa Claus is seen carrying a bundle of toys across a snow covered fiel. In the background there are many trees and houses covered in snow. Santa Claus is wearing a green suit and a red hat. To the right of Santa Claus, in cursive writing the phrase…
Santa Claus is seen with a woven basket on his back that carries many children. Next to Santa Claus, and angel holds a branch of holly. Above them both, "A Merry Christmas" is printed in red text.
A women wearing a red, black, and orange dress is sitting among two young boys that are both looking in curiosity at her. Behind the three of them, there are mountains, clouds, and trees in which the leaves have turned orange.
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