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Glee Club 1952 - 53 2.jpg
People in various costumes are seated at the side of the stage. At the center of a stage, a person in a wedding gown with a veil and bouquet is holding the hand of a person in medieval attire. A person in a monk's cowl stands behind them. A…

Glee Club 1952 - 53 3.jpg
Six people in medieval costume, a monk and a knight among them, stand on a stage. In the background, two castle set pieces can be seen.

Barb Beriweedy 1.jpg
A person on stage singing into a microphone. A person playing piano and part of a palm tree decoration are visible behind the singer.

Gerk, Don 1.jpg
A person wearing a bowtie, juggling five balls. They are looking up.

Gerk, Don 3.jpg
A person wearing a bowtie, juggling four balls. They are looking up.

Choir 1.jpg
A choir of thirty-five people posed on the steps of an altar. A crucifix is visible behind them.

Concerts 3.jpg
Three nuns standing with a priest and another person. Two of the nuns are holding a violin and cello. Signs over doors behind them read, "ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES" and "DIRECTOR'S OFFICE"

Concerts 1.jpg
Three nuns on stage. One is holding a cello, one is holding a violin, and one is at a piano.

Concerts 2.jpg
Three nuns playing instruments on stage: a violin, a cello, and a piano.
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