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On a snowy roof, as Santa Claus is about the descend into a chimney, a child pops out of the roof of his house and talks to Santa, giving him a big fright. The child says, "Say mister, its no use going down the chimney: jes give me the presents and…
In this postcard the three bears are seen running through the woods with forks and knives, carrying a little girl with golden hair. The woods they are in are very snowy. At the bottom of the card "A Merry Christmas" is written on cursive.
On this postcard there is a snowy, branch filled border that has 4 birds sitting among it. Around the border on the left-hand side is a red ribbon that is tied among the wood. In the center of the postcard "A Merry Christmas is written".
A gift-wrapped tree can be seen above a snowy landscape in which a church resides.
Father Christmas is seen holding two different sacks of toys . Behind him, in a picture, there is a snowy landscape framed by a sunset. On the bottom left-hand side the phrase "A Happy New Year" is printed.
A border of holly is seen among this postcard framing a snowy house on a bay. Above the snow covered house and boat, a flying white bird can be seen. At the bottom of a the card, among a snowbank, the phrase "A Merry Christmas" is printed.
This postcard has a rectangular border with a circular portrait in the top center. Around this portrait are orange leaves with red berries in the center. Inside the portrait, a snowy cabin in the woods is pictured. Outside of the portrait, on the…
A young girl is seen pointing the way to a snowy cabin in the distance for Father Christmas to take is sack of toys and holly branches to. Below the landscape, the phrase "Christmas Greetings" is written.
A young man dressed in a blue coat is helping to guide a reindeer that is pulling a sleigh full of toys. Among them are snowy trees and the glow of the moon reflecting on the snow.
On a snowy night, an angel and a deer,with toys on its back, are seen peering into a bright, lit, house as the sun sets behind them. At the bottom the sentence "Wishing You a Merry Christmas" is written.
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