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Blizzard- Mar. 11th, 1958-1959.jpg
A newspaper clipping from the Loras College student newspaper, the Lorian, regarding the March 5, 1959 blizzard in Dubuque, Iowa. The clipping displays an image of the exterior of a campus building in the snow.

1956, p6.jpg
A yearbook page depicting an image of the the Grotto covered in snow, with accompanying text.

Campus - Misc., Winter Scenes 5.jpg
A close photograph of The Lourdes Grotto covered in snow.

North Hall 4.jpg
The exterior of Rohlman Hall. Snow and a vehicle in the parking lot are visible.
Father Christmas is dressed in a long red coat and fluffy, pointed white hat. He is carrying a walking stick in one hand and has a full bag of toys over his shoulder. He is hiking around two-laden evergreen trees. "Joyeux Noel" is printed at the…
Santa Claus stands in the snow under an archway with bells and holly at the top. He is listening to the music from a gramophone. "Christmas Wishes" is printed at the bottom.
Santa Claus, dressed in a red coat with a brown bag, is walking up to dial a large telephone on a machine that also includes a clock and book. It is set under an archway with bells and holly at the top and Christmas trees in the snow around Santa.
Santa Claus, smiling, is holding up a teddy bear in his left hand while he has a jack-in-the-box under his other arm. There is a basket of toys on his back. Printed in the lower right are the words "Christmas Greetings..."
Santa Claus is pictured on the left side of the card; he is carrying a bag of toys, including dolls, on his back and has a walking stick in one hand and branches in the other. In the back right is a house with lights shining in the windows. There is…
Santa Claus is pictured on the right side of the card, looking back over his shoulder at the viewer. He is dressed in a long red coat and hat. He carries a walking staff in one hand, and on his back has a tree, instruments, and teddy bear. there is a…
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