SS. Peter and Paul (Sherrill, Iowa)


SS. Peter and Paul (Sherrill, Iowa)


“The first Catholic settlers of the Sherrill community came from Germany and Luxembourg in the 1840s to find land providing timber and rock for building and wood for fuel, as well as productive soil. They were visited by Bishop Loras and priests from Dubuque, Rickardsville, Holy Cross, and New Vienna for the celebration of Mass and the sacraments in the homes of John Behr, John Christmas, John Hirsch, and Mathias Michels. As they were ten oxcart miles from the Dubuque cathedral, thirty-two of these faithful Catholics met on March 28, 1852, to form a parish and build a log church dedicated to Saint William. The total cost was $96.93. Bernard Clauss and Adam Haberkorn were the leaders in organizing the parish. Frank Stillmunkes and Nicholas Fries prepared the logs and shingles for the church, which was raised by the efforts of the whole community.”

- Rev. Msgr. Edgar Kurt, “Parish Profile #20: Saints Peter and Paul Parish, Sherrill,” Dubuque: The Witness, 19 April 1987.


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History of the parish over the span of 167 years, including information about its priests and parishioners.

Table Of Contents

Church, Pastor and School Photograph page (1 document)

Constitution and By-Laws of the Rosary-Altar Society (1 booklet)

Diocese Tax Return 1945 including Letter Regarding the Blessing of Freedom (1 document)

Sherrill Collection for Minority Missions 1937 (1 document)

Summary of Porxies 1988 (1 document)

“To the Members of the Christian Communities of Balltown, Rickardsville, and Sherrill” 1993 (1 document)


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