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I am at present playing nurse-maid to one of our boys, Father Mullens.
Excuse the "ritzy" stationary.
Your recent letters were so very welcome with their glimpses of diocesan doings.
Am enclosing the parish check in the amount of $15.70 for the Bishops' Relief collection.
Just a brief note - first of all, a belated thanks for the check, I was really in need.
Just a short note to keep you informed on the latest developments in my case.
Have been postponing answering your letter for several days, in the hope that I would have some definite information about the time of my discharge.
Thanks for your thoughtful, kind and informative letter.

Your letter of November 7 finally caught up with me today and I am indeed most happy to get the latest news from the Archdiocese.

Your letter of 16 June arrived a few weeks ago and was most happy to hear from you, but was sorry to learn of the passing of Father Dupont and the many sick priests in the Archdiocese.
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