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Your letter of November 7 finally caught up with me today and I am indeed most happy to get the latest news from the Archdiocese.
Just a few lines to let Your Excellency know that the Church is carrying on even here in Deutschland.
Received your newsy letter the other day.
The war's over and the high-pointers', the boys who have been over here the longest have seen the most battle, and have children at home, are rapidly leaving the European Theatre.
Monthly report of the chaplain for Sept and Oct 1945submitted to the Military Ordinate for the unit stationed at Hq CCR, 4th Armd Div APO 254, % PM, N.Y.
Thanks for your periodic letters.
Monthly report of Chaplain for Sept and Oct 1945 submitted to the Military Ordinate for the unit posted in Hq CCR, 4th Armd Div APO 254, %PM, N.Y.
Enclosed is my monthly report for the months of Sept. and Oct.
Business first: I could pay that $75 to the Station Msgr., but won't because he would be gyped.
Well, it's been a long time since I've sat down to do some corresponding.
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