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Band 1950 - 51 16.jpg
Five people, each holding musical instruments, standing by piano. From the left: a trombone, a saxophone, a trumpet, xylophone mallet, and drumsticks.

Band 1950 - 51 18.jpg
A band seated, playing sheet music set on music stands. A person at the front of the room is conducting.

Loose negatives at front of box 36.jpg
A single bowler throwing a ball down a bowling lane in Fieldhouse. Two other people are visible in the background.

Loose Negatives from rest of box 15.jpg
A person wearing light colored shorts and a t-shirt, dark sneakers, and tortoise shell pattern glasses. They are wearing gloves and are about to hit a handball that is in midair.

Loose Negatives from rest of box 55.jpg
A desk with trophies covering its surface. Some labels: "Loras College Intramural Champion" and "M. C. Doubles Champs 52."

Track (Second Envelope) 1.jpg
A person with a buzz cut haircut running on a track. They are wearing a light colored, long sleeved shirt and light colored shorts. Another person is visible running behind them. The bleachers in the background are empty. Christ the King Chapel and…

Track (Second Envelope) 4.jpg
A person bent over at a starting block. Their feet are on the block and their hands are on the ground. They are looking straight ahead with their mouth slightly open.

Track 3.jpg
Seven people in matching jackets, pants, and shoes, running on a track. Behind them, four pine trees are visible. Rohlman Hall is visible above in the distance.

Wrestling 5.jpg
Two wrestlers entangled on a mat. One wrestler is laying on their back, their legs in the air. The other wrestler has one hand on their chest and the other hand hooked under one of their legs. An audience is visible in the bleachers in the…

Loose Negatives from rest of box 5.jpg
Students at Mass in Christ the King Chapel. They are knelt in the pews with their hands clasped.
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