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Students at Mass in Christ the King Chapel. They are knelt in the pews with their hands clasped.

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Three people in a church, pictured from behind, seated in pews. An altar is visible.
Santa Claus is shown on the left side of the card. To the right is a scene of a village and church with two horses in the yard. It is bordered by holly and two robins.
Santa Claus is shown in profile on the left side of the card from the shoulders up. He is watching a village scene to the right of a church and houses, which is framed in mistletoe, stars and bells. Printed beneath it is "Christmas Blessing."
The card shows Santa Claus holding a bunch of mistletoe over an inset scene of a church in a snowy field. There is a star above it and a Christmas greeting printed below.
Santa Claus is in the center of the card, carrying a bag of toys. He is surrounded by evergreen and holly. The card's background shows a snowy village scene, and "A merry Christmas" is printed at the bottom.
The card is divided into thirds: the leftmost has a brown background and a holly decoration, the center has Santa Claus with a "Best Christmas Wishes" gift tag, and the third shows a church and house with a sunset in the background.
Santa Claus is in the center of the card, carrying a basket of toys and decorated Christmas tree. Behind him is a church with lights in the windows. Around the border are two singing cherubs, stars, and holly. "Christmas Wishes" is printed on the…
Santa Claus is pictured to the left of the card, dressed in his traditional red suit and holding a jester doll. The scene to the right snows a creek with a bridge over it, leading to a village with houses and a church. The card is bordered in holly…
The card's background is gray, and the main scene shows a family walking up to the lighted church. There is an inset of Father Christmas to the left, surrounded by golden bells. There is a greeting printed along the bottom.
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