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Address System Operators in Gym 1.jpg
Four people, one with a headset, one with a microphone, and one turning the dials of a machine while the fourth looks on. A priest is present, leaning on the machine and observing the group.

Address System Operators in Gym 2.jpg
Three people seated and one person crouched, posed for a photograph. One person is holding a headset. Another holds a microphone. A priest stands to the left of them, leaning on a machine.

Barb Beriweedy 1.jpg
A person on stage singing into a microphone. A person playing piano and part of a palm tree decoration are visible behind the singer.

Baseball 1.jpg
Two people facing away from the camera. One in a jacket that reads "Loras" holding two baseball bats and another with uniform number 1, with one hand on their hip. Both are wearing dark colored baseball caps.

Baseball 2.jpg
Two Loras baseball players in uniform. One is holding a baseball bat. Another person in a dark colored jacket is holding two baseball bats. All are wearing dark colored baseball caps that read "L". Two baseball helmets rest on the ground. The trees…

Baseball 3.jpg
A Loras baseball player at bat. The trees in the background are bare of leaves.

Baseball Team 1958 5.jpg
A Loras baseball player at bat with two umpires squatting behind them. The baseball player has a tear in the left knee of their uniform.

Baseball Team 1958 7.jpg
Loras baseball players on the field. One player is catching a ball at a base while another runs toward the same base. Dust is being kicked up on the field.

blessing of the cars flipped.jpg
A religious figure and two altar attendants walking through a parking lot filled with cars. Priest uses an aspergillum while one altar child holds an aspersorium. Christ the King Chapel is visible in the background.

Campus - Misc., Winter Scenes 5.jpg
A close photograph of The Lourdes Grotto covered in snow.
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