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Campus - Misc., Winter Scenes 5.jpg
A close photograph of The Lourdes Grotto covered in snow.

North Hall 4.jpg
The exterior of Rohlman Hall. Snow and a vehicle in the parking lot are visible.
Near the edge of a snowy field, ten children in white join hands and form a circle around Father Christmas. He is wearing a brown coat and carrying a small evergreen tree upraised in his right hand. In the far background, at the edge of the field,…
There is a head view of Father Christmas to the left of the card; behind him is a snowy dark blue sky. To the right is a snowy winter scene of teh sun setting over two houses and a field. "A merry Christmas" is printed in the upper left.
In a snowy town, three children are seen pushing a sled full of toys while Santa Claus leads the way. On the bottom of the card, the sentence "Good Wishes for a Happy Christmas" is written.
On a snowy evening, Father Christmas is seen watching over two angels, one in a pink coat and another in a blue coat, un-boxing an item. Behind them, there is an older brown car that has a Christmas tree and many different toys in the trunk. On the…
On a snowy night, with a white church in the background, Father Christmas and an angel are seen driving a white car that is filled to the brim with toys and food. On the top right-hand side the phrase "Wishing You A Merry Christmas" is printed in…
On a plain covered with snow, and angel and Father Christmas are seen being pulled along by two reindeer. In the distance there is a setting sun and a cozy wooden cabin. Below the whole scene the phrase "a Merry Christmas" is printed in black ink. On…
On a snowy pasture, four small children are pulling and guiding Father Christmas towards a snowy house in the distance. On the top right-hand side of the postcard, "Wishing you a merry Christmas" is written in red ink.
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