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Baseball 3.jpg
A Loras baseball player at bat. The trees in the background are bare of leaves.

Baseball Team 1958 5.jpg
A Loras baseball player at bat with two umpires squatting behind them. The baseball player has a tear in the left knee of their uniform.

Baseball Team 1958 7.jpg
Loras baseball players on the field. One player is catching a ball at a base while another runs toward the same base. Dust is being kicked up on the field.

blessing of the cars flipped.jpg
A religious figure and two altar attendants walking through a parking lot filled with cars. Priest uses an aspergillum while one altar child holds an aspersorium. Christ the King Chapel is visible in the background.

Campus - Misc., Winter Scenes 5.jpg
A close photograph of The Lourdes Grotto covered in snow.

Campus Improvement 1958 3.jpg
A worker kneeling near a cut out portion of roof.

Campus Improvement 1958 5.jpg
Three workers near a cut out portion of roof. Two standing, one seated.

Choir 1.jpg
A choir of thirty-five people posed on the steps of an altar. A crucifix is visible behind them.

Concerts 1.jpg
Three nuns on stage. One is holding a cello, one is holding a violin, and one is at a piano.
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