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St. Pat's Auction 6.jpg
Three people holding money and standing with a priest near a table with a statue and various knick-knacks. A record player, lamp, and stuffed toy are on the ground.

St. Pat's Auction 4.jpg
Two people on stage in hats, one with a microphone, speaking to a crowd of people. Various objects are on display on and near the stage.

St. Pat's Auction 3.jpg
A person pie-ing (?) another person in the face. Four people are looking on, three wearing hats and one with a pipe in their mouth.

St. Pat's Auction 2.jpg
A person looking at a table of various garments and accessories. A sign reads "O'Pickle and Von Berg Ready-To-Wear Apparel (Donated by Good Germans)". Some of the materials presented here may reflect outdated, biased, offensive, and possibly…

St. Pat's Auction 12.jpg
A person on a stage holding an object and speaking into a microphone. Tables of various items are on and near the stage. An audience looks on and one person is standing nearby.

St. Pat's Auction 1.jpg
Six people on a stage, clapping. Five are wearing hats. One is accepting a statue that wears a robe of three leaf clovers. The statue is holding jugs which read "Loras" and have candles in them. The number #113 is printed on the on the edge of the…

Hernando- Oct. 22ndth, 1958-1959.jpg
A newspaper clipping from the Loras College student newspaper, the Lorian, regarding the spring 1958 "Hernando's Hideaway" variety show held between Loras College, Clarke College, and Mercy School of Nursing students.

Purgold Yearbook Specials 5.jpg
Many people with books walking down a sidewalk. Rohlman Hall is visible in the background.

North Hall 4.jpg
The exterior of Rohlman Hall. Snow and a vehicle in the parking lot are visible.

North Hall 3.jpg
An interior room showing a piece of art hung on a wall, as well as several chairs and tables.
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