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Bust of Krampus in black with red background. Krampus is pictured smiling with horns and sticks in the background. Words included: "Gruss vom Krampus"
Red postcard with Krampus face in top right corner. Krampus hand is breaking through with a chain and is holding a set of sticks tied with a ribbon.
Krampus head at the left top corner of the postcard. He is smiling and sticking out a long tongue. His eyes are closed. Toward the bottom right of the card, there is a bundle of sticks with a chain.
Krampus is seen in black and white on this postcard. There is German writing and the Krampus is seen with bat-like wings and a rather long tongue.
St. Nicholas standing outside in the snow, next to building. He is holding a staff with a full sack next to him. Colors include red, black, and white.

German wording on the front bottom.
Depicted in black and white is a scene of two children, a young girl and a young boy, praying before bed. Both have their hands clasped and faces tucked near the edge of the white-covered bed; they too are dressed in white nightgowns. On both sides…
Done in a very realistic style against a black background, Father Christmas in a gray hooded coat is shown from the chest up. He is on the right, and the decorated and beribboned Christmas tree that he is holding is to the left.
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