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The card is drawn in simple lines. St. Nicholas is in black-and-white; he wears a bishop's clothing and hat and carries a crosier. He is sitting on and squashing the bright red Krampus with devil horns, who is wrapped in a striped stocking.
Krampus is seen with his skis stuck in the snow. He looks slightly amused.

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Krampus is seen staring into a window. There is food nicely wrapped on the other side.
Krampus is seen multiple times. He looks cartoon-ish. There is one large Krampus and four smaller ones. They are walking in a line.
Krampus folds the corner of the post card. He reaches across with a branch.
Two Krampuses are seen watching food and a chain from above, almost as if they have set a trap.

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Krampus is seen dancing. He is pointing and his tongue is sticking out.

Krampus is seen sitting with his tongue out and holding sticks and a chain.
Krampus is seen looking out of a window, with fire and a chain.

Krampus is seen with a chained angle, who is praying
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