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In a wooden-framed portrait, Father Christmas is seen holding a staff and his cap is garnished with holly. On the bottom left-hand side reads the phrase " a merry Christmas".
The card features a head and shoulders view of Father Christmas; he is wearing a red velvet coat and hat that are trimmed in brown fur. There is a holly decoration in the upper right and at the bottom, bordered with two lit candles, is the greeting…
Father Christmas' head in profile is shown in the upper part of the card; he is wearing a floppy red hat rimmed in holly. "A Bright Yuletide" is printed in the upper left, while below is the poem, "We're here again with / The same old Smile, / Go…
Father Christmas' head is shown above a cluster of holly; his mouth is open and he could be singing. Below, there is a farm shown in the distant snow. The card reads "Merry Christmas".
As if he's sharing a secret, Father Christmas is tapping the side of his nose with one finger. His head is shown above a pine-and-bell decoration; he is wearing a floppy red hat with a blue rim. There are icicles at the top of the card and printed at…
Father Christmas' head and shoulders are visible amid a background of holly leaves and branches. "A Merry Christmas" is printed across the bottom.
Father Christmas' head, covered in a red hood, is nestled amid holly leaves and branches. Printed in the lower left is "Christmas Greetings."
The card shows a head view of Father Christmas nestled amid holly leaves and berries. Printed in the lower right corner is "A merry Christmas to you."
On a postcard covered in clovers, holly bushels, and holly berries, there lies a portrait of Father Christmas, clutching a bundle of sticks and a sack of toys. Underneath the portrait, the phrase "a merry Christmas" is read.
Inside a portrait, Father Christmas is seen holding small pine tree and a sack of toys. Above Father Christmas, the phrase "a Christmas greeting" is written. Below the portrait are many bushels of holly and holly berries.
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