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Father Christmas is dressed in a long red coat and brown fur-trimmed hat. He is carrying a tree and wrapped packages in his arms; one reads "Christmas Greetings".
Santa Claus, smiling, is holding up a teddy bear in his left hand while he has a jack-in-the-box under his other arm. There is a basket of toys on his back. Printed in the lower right are the words "Christmas Greetings..."
Santa Claus is in the center of the card, tapping his nose with one finger while looking out at the viewer. Behind him is a snowy field and a house behind a sprawling tree. "Merry Christmas" is printed in the upper left, and "Affectionately yours,…
Santa Claus has one hand up to his mouth as if calling out. There is an open bag of toys on his back - including a doll and a house - and mistletoe in the bottom left corner. "The Seasons Greetings" is printed along the top.
Santa Claus is in the center of the card, shown from the chest up. The background shows a wooden beam with icicles hanging from it and holly decorations at the left and right ends. "Xmas Joys" is printed to the left.
The card shows Santa Claus on its right side, lit with yellow light against the textured gray background. He is holding up a jack-in-the-box in one hand and has a stem of holly in the other. "A Merry Christmas Greeting" is printed to the left.
The card shows Santa Claus' head; he has a very large beard which spans the whole bottom of the card. There is a holly decoration around his head and snow falling in the background. "Wishing you A Merry Christmas" is printed in the lower right…
The card shows an inset of Santa Claus in its center, with holly decorations on the sides. The background is falling snow, and "To with you a merry Christmas" is printed in the upper right.
The card is divided into thirds: the leftmost has a brown background and a holly decoration, the center has Santa Claus with a "Best Christmas Wishes" gift tag, and the third shows a church and house with a sunset in the background.
The card shows small views of two postcards; the one on the left is Santa Claus and the one on the right is a car with a crowd of toys on top. They are in black and white; there is handwriting at the top that says John [Unioch?] 18.00 and 25.00 with…
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