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Krampus is walking with a woman. She is chained around the waist and Krampus holds the end, like a leash.
Little Krampus is seen sitting on a ladder. The ladder is being carried by a woman dressed in black. She is looking back and smiling up at Krampus.
Krampus is seen putting people into a rather scary looking machine. Women are on the floor watching, some seem to be wiping their eyes.
Krampus is seen walking with a woman in a dress. The two seem as though they may be on a date.
Krampus is seen dancing with a woman. They both look happy.
Krampus is seen trapped in a bottle. A hand is plugging the hole.
Krampus is seen barking orders at men, holding torpedoes. The Krampus is large and god-like.
Krampus is seen taking an older man, He has sharp nails and is giant compared to the adult man. The man looks frightened.
Krampus is seen in a private room, looking out at other diners. He is drinking something from a wine glass and is sticking out his tongue.
Krampus is seen serving a girl dinner. Underneath the table cloth, another little Krampus-like creature is seen.
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