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A little girl is seen begging Krampus to let another child go. The child in Krampus' basket is crying.
Krampus is seen looking out of a window, with fire and a chain.

Krampus is seen putting people into a rather scary looking machine. Women are on the floor watching, some seem to be wiping their eyes.
Little Krampus is seen sitting on a ladder. The ladder is being carried by a woman dressed in black. She is looking back and smiling up at Krampus.
Krampus folds the corner of the post card. He reaches across with a branch.
Krampus is seen in black and white on this postcard. There is German writing and the Krampus is seen with bat-like wings and a rather long tongue.
Krampus is seen with a cauldron of fire, holding a chain and a bundle of sticks. Red and black postcard with writing in German.
Krampus is seen walking with a woman in a dress. The two seem as though they may be on a date.
Two Krampuses are seen watching food and a chain from above, almost as if they have set a trap.

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Krampus is seen with two children. One in a basket, one chained to his side,
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