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Krampus is seen driving a military tank toward a woman. The woman is trying to stop him from continuing to drive. The main colors of the postcard are black, red, white, and gold.
Krampus is seen sitting on a stool mashing apples. The apples are in a silver bin.
Krampus is seen in an outdoor scene with snow. He is wearing a baking hat and seems proud of the items he has produced on a platter.
Krampus is seen in black and white on this postcard. There is German writing and the Krampus is seen with bat-like wings and a rather long tongue.
Krampus is seen scaring a small boy. He is sticking out his tongue and holding something that looks like a baton or bat.
Krampus is seen in a household, attempting to leave a room. Children are standing in the doorway and there is a photograph on the wall in the hallway. Krampus has a barrel backpack, in which he has placed a crying child.
A small child is seen holding a Krampus statue. The child is smiling and holding it close, as if the statue is being hugged.
Krampus is seen dumping children into a hole with flames.
A child and Krampus are seen walking at the opening of Hell. There are children seen below the opening as well.
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