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I received your kind letter of the 17th of May relative to the adoption of James Keenan.
I received you fine letter a few weeks ago, however, I have been slow in answering it.
Your letter of Ocbober 31st. reached me this morning and I am very grateful for the report as also for the interesting news contained in your letter.
I received your letter of August the thirtieth and was delighted to hear from you.
I am enclosing receipt for your splendid contribution to Mount St. Bernard Seminary.
Received your kind personal letter.
I was glad to hear from you again, and to learn that most of my brothers in the service have returned to their civilian parochial duties.
Accept my contribution toward the St. Bernard Seminary.
Your letters come very regularly and are well received.
Just a few lines to let you know that I still remember that I have some civilian debts to honor.
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