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Mary, dressed in red, is putting together a bouquet of flowers with the help of a smiling baby Jesus. The image is labeled "Carlo Dolci / Madonna" and the bottom reads "To Wish you a merry Christmas".
The upper portion of the card shows Mary in red with a brown head wrap holding a naked baby Jesus. Below is the label "Rafael Madonna Sixtina" with holly hanging from the image. "A Merry Christmas" is printed at the bottom.
The card is a reproduction of Hans Memling's "Maria Mit Dem Kinde," or Mary with the Child. Seated on a throne, a blonde-haired Mary is dressed in red and has the baby Jesus on her lap. He is reaching to the angel kneeling to the left. A…
The card is a reprint of artist Jan Vermeer's "Die Kupplerin," or 'The Procuress.' A woman in yellow with a patterened rug over her lower half is seated, and three men in different outfits surround her. It has been intrepreted as a brothel scene of…
A white embroidered Santa is stepping into a basket. The card is ombre with purple being at the bottom. There is a city in the background.
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