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This birthday card features a well-dressed woman riding in an ellegant blue and silver carriage. She is wearing a white frilled dress, pink hat, and yellow boots. On her lap she is holding a basket of flowers and a letter. The card is bordered in…
The card depitcs a black-striped white cat laying undernath a basket of purple flowers. There is a cup full of the flowers as well, and "Birthday Greetings" is printed in the lower right corner.
Two cats, both brown and white, are next to a white and floral cup and saucer. It has a smoking cigar leaned against it. There is a white napkin beneath the feet of one cat. Below the cup "Birthday Greetings" is printed.
The card features a head view of an orange cat with some black on its face. In addition, its eyes are orange and it has a pink bow tied around its neck. Printed at the bottom is the greeting "Many Happy Returns of the Day to You."
The horizontal card has the message "Birthday Greetings" in the upper right corner and a scene of cats playing in a basket as the central focus. One cat is in the basket along with purple flowers and an envelope; the other sits outside of it.
The words "Birthday Greetings" are printed in the upper right corner. The rest of the card features a white-woven basket of cats and flowers. The flowers are pink roses and a smaller blue/purple flower. Two cats, a brown and white one and a yellow…
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