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The card features three cats who are in a barn. There is a set of wooden stairs in the back left, scattered with hay, and a barrel on the other side. In front, two white kittens, with orange and brown spots respectively, drink from a saucer of milk.…

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The card, bordered in holly, depicts three kittens who have built a cat out of snow. Two are dark while one is orange; the snow-cat has a pipe in its mouth. The text in the upper left reads "Best Christmas Wishes."
The card features two wide-eyes cats. The white one to the left is taller, while the brown and white one is shorter. They have their legs wrapped around each other in an embrace. The white cat is holding the stem of a white flower with petals falling…
The card depitcs a black-striped white cat laying undernath a basket of purple flowers. There is a cup full of the flowers as well, and "Birthday Greetings" is printed in the lower right corner.
The card depicts three kittens playing in a basket with pink flowers. One kitten is white, another white and gray, and the third brown and white. "Happy Times." is printed at the top of the card and the bottom reads "Pretty Little kittens three /…
An orange and brown cat is sitting in a blue pot filled with holly. There is what appears to be a doorway behind it, and covering the table beneath it is a red-and-white checked tablecloth. "Christmas Greetings" is printed along the bottom.

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Two cats, both brown and white, are next to a white and floral cup and saucer. It has a smoking cigar leaned against it. There is a white napkin beneath the feet of one cat. Below the cup "Birthday Greetings" is printed.
Two brown and white cats with bows around their necks are leaning into each other and against a wooden fence. They have very large eyes and their mouths are open, showing their red tongues. There is a cartoon-style set of trees or bushes in the…

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Two white cats with green bows around their necks are sleeping on the left two-thirds of the card. Printed at the right is the poem "We work each / day / with a cheerful / heart / For we are / always together / And never / apart."

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The card depicts two cats, an orange one and a tri-colored, resting in an ornate wooden frame set against a green background. The bottom of the card is cut off.

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