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The card features an indoor scene of a rich red velvet and gold chair sitting on a multi-colored rug. There two white and brown cats sitting on the chair. A blanket falls from the chair to the rug, and two more cats are playing with it. There is…
A brown and white cat and kitten are surrounded by holly and looking upwards at a yellow butterfly. Printed in the bottom right is "A Merry Christmas."

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A little blonde-haired girl dressed in blue with a white scarf and clog shoes is hugging and carrying a black cat with white paws. The dirt path she is on wanders through the grass into the background. Printed below the scene is "Bringing the…

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The card features three cats standing on their hind legs: a tabby, orange and black, and black and white. All three are holding sheets of music and are singing. Behind them is an ivy-covered two-story house and the moon in the sky. The text at the…

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The card features a head view of an orange cat with some black on its face. In addition, its eyes are orange and it has a pink bow tied around its neck. Printed at the bottom is the greeting "Many Happy Returns of the Day to You."
A gray cat is counterbalancing golden weights on an ornate metal scale; the cat is heavier. The scale is on a brown table and the background is a mix of dark to light gray. "I am the heaviest." is printed at the bottom, and there is handwriting…
The card depicts two cats, an orange one and a tri-colored, resting in an ornate wooden frame set against a green background. The bottom of the card is cut off.

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Two white cats with green bows around their necks are sleeping on the left two-thirds of the card. Printed at the right is the poem "We work each / day / with a cheerful / heart / For we are / always together / And never / apart."

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Two brown and white cats with bows around their necks are leaning into each other and against a wooden fence. They have very large eyes and their mouths are open, showing their red tongues. There is a cartoon-style set of trees or bushes in the…

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Two cats, both brown and white, are next to a white and floral cup and saucer. It has a smoking cigar leaned against it. There is a white napkin beneath the feet of one cat. Below the cup "Birthday Greetings" is printed.
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