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A young witch dressed in yellow is seated at the right side of the card. Her broomstick lies in front of her, and three black cats sit next to it. The print at the top reads "This little witch of Hallowe'en, / Is telling to her cats a greeting /…
The center of the card is taken up by a car made out of a striped gourd - its wheels are slices of squash too. A pumpkin or vegetable of some sort with a face is driving, while a witch in black and red with her broomstick and black cat ride in the…
A witch wearing a red dress and hat as well as pointy black shoes is riding on a broomstick. A pumpkin with a face is stuck onto the front of it, and she controls it using reins. A frightened black cat with a red ribbon on its tail perches on her…
Done in monochrome, the card depicts two black and white cats dancing with each other on a tile floor. On the back wall there is a piece of artworl. ""Waltz Me Around Again Willie"" is printed along the bottom of the card.
Two white cats with green bows around their necks are sleeping on the left two-thirds of the card. Printed at the right is the poem "We work each / day / with a cheerful / heart / For we are / always together / And never / apart."

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Two brown and white cats with bows around their necks are leaning into each other and against a wooden fence. They have very large eyes and their mouths are open, showing their red tongues. There is a cartoon-style set of trees or bushes in the…

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Set against a blank background, two gray cats are pictured with a white dish. The dish is apparently empty, as the bottom left reads "'Some more milk, please!'"

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The card features two gray cats, one with a green plaid ribbon and the other red, eacj standing on their left hind leg with other hind paw and both front paws raised. Printed in blue, white, red and yellow to the right is "Do You Dance?" with the…

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The card features a gray cat with red bow and yellow cat with blue bow surrounded by a border of holly. "With best Christmas Wishes" is printed below them.

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Two cats, both brown and white, are next to a white and floral cup and saucer. It has a smoking cigar leaned against it. There is a white napkin beneath the feet of one cat. Below the cup "Birthday Greetings" is printed.
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