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Loose Negatives from rest of box 23.jpg
Two people and a Nun in an industrial kitchen. A large container of food is on the counter.

Sisters of St. Francis 8.jpg
Three sisters wearing nun's habits standing in a kitchen. One is smiling.

Sisters of St. Francis 7.jpg
One sister wearing a nun's habit with four people in casual dress in the kitchen. They are arranging food. Large, metal dispensers can be seen behind them.
Krampus is seen with children on a pitchfork standing in front of a fire. The children are being held over the fire.
Father Christmas is seated on a box inside a cave, with a pot over the fire behind him. A deer rests by his side on a bed of straw. In front of him, an angel in white gestures outside, where there is a house with smoke coming out its chimney. "Joyeux…
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