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Santa Claus has just cut down a small evergreen tree with the axe in his hand. Dressed in red, he has a bag of toys on his back. "Merry Christmas" is printed at the top above a forest background.
Santa Claus is chopping down an evergreen tree with an ax, his bag of toys on the ground behind him. The message at the bottom reads, "I've asked old Santa Claus to bring / Because you're sweet and good, / When he makes his Christmas visit, /…
In black and white, the card depicts Father Christmas in a long dark coat with white trim sawing off the top of an evergreen tree. He has a doll at his belt and toys on his back. From behind a bare-branched tree to the left, a little boy watches him.…
Father Christmas dressed in a long, red robe is cutting down a small, fragile Christmas tree. He has a bag of toys on his back. The top of the card says, "Christmas Greetings."
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