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Krampus is seen in a private room, looking out at other diners. He is drinking something from a wine glass and is sticking out his tongue.
Santa Claus, with holly around his hat, is holding plate on which a steaming dish of Christmas food rests. It looks like it could be a pie or bread of some kind; there is a sprig of holly on top. "A Merry Christmas" is printed beneath.
Santa Claus is standing in the center of the card, bordered by holly, with one boot raised off the ground. The holds a smoking pipe in one hand and a Christmas dish in the other; it could be a pie or type of bread, and has flames rising from the…
Santa Claus is seated at a silver table. In one hand he raises a glass in a toast, and in the other he is lifting a spoon from a bowl of soup to his mouth. "A Merry Christmas" is printed at the top with this poem to the right: "Cast dull care away, /…
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