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Business first: I could pay that $75 to the Station Msgr., but won't because he would be gyped.

Since I have just completed a new chapel I will try and get off a few a few letters tonight.
I always feel guilty when I get a letter from you, because I don't get around to writing as I should like.
Received your welcome a week ago and put off answering it until I had my monthly report to send with it.
As I remember, I owed Loras College $532.88, and the Archdiocese $800.
Well, it's been a long time since I've sat down to do some corresponding.
I received your last letter, and have to procrastinate again on the Breviaries.
Just a line letting you know how army life is going.
Enclosed are a few Holy Cards portraying the spirit of Christmas out our way here in Japan.
The main part of the card is a head view of Santa Claus. He has a red cap on, and his long white beard appears to be merged and flowing from the flame of a candle in the lower left of the card. Pictured over his beard is a young girl with brown hair,…
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