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Since you do not know me I realize that my request is unusual at this time.
I received your kind letter of the 17th of May relative to the adoption of James Keenan.
I received you fine letter a few weeks ago, however, I have been slow in answering it.
I was glad to hear from you again, and to learn that most of my brothers in the service have returned to their civilian parochial duties.
I received your letter of August the thirtieth and was delighted to hear from you.
Accept my contribution toward the St. Bernard Seminary.
I am enclosing receipt for your splendid contribution to Mount St. Bernard Seminary.
After a month at Fort Knox, I am happily busy in my little parish.
Your letter of Ocbober 31st. reached me this morning and I am very grateful for the report as also for the interesting news contained in your letter.
I always feel guilty when I get a letter from you, because I don't get around to writing as I should like.
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