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Father Christmas, dressed in green with a satchel, walking stick and lantern, blows a horn. At his feet is a large pink pig with curly tail. The background is the silhouette of a town with the moon above. Printed to the left is "Gluck und Wohlergehen…
In this postcard there is an outlined border. Inside that border, there is a portrait with a lavishly-dressed couple holding a little pig with a ribbon around it. At the bottom of the card the text "A Happy New Year" can be seen.
Traditional Santa is holding a baby pig. He is showing the mama pig her baby.
This postcard is oriented vertically and has a white border around all sides, with the thickest part of the border visible at the bottom side. Inside this white frame is an image of a young pig inside a wooden building with a large open doorway. The…

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