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This postcard has a red background with a large-eared Krampus wearing a pinstripe suit throwing a scarf around a woman's face. She stands in front of him wearing a white apron and long skirt and is trying to look back at the Krampus angrily with her…
A Little Krampus watches as a woman in a short dress walks by. The colors of the postcard are white, gold, red, and black. A bucket is seen knocked over and the woman looks over her shoulder.
This postcard is oriented vertically and shows a wintry scene. On the card, a woman is seen stepping out of a home onto a snowy sidewalk. Her face is not clear, but she hods a book under her left arm and wears a blue dress, white apron, and white…
Krampus is seen dancing with a woman. They both look happy.
Krampus is seen walking with a woman in a dress. The two seem as though they may be on a date.
Little Krampus is seen sitting on a ladder. The ladder is being carried by a woman dressed in black. She is looking back and smiling up at Krampus.
Krampus is walking with a woman. She is chained around the waist and Krampus holds the end, like a leash.
A house with a snowy roof is shown. A woman is standing in the doorway.
Santa is wearing a very long gray coat and is handing a turkey to a woman in the doorway of a log cabin. There is snow outside and a Christmas Greeting on the card.
Santa Claus sits in the upper left-hand corner with an old-fashioned phone to his ear. He is wearing a red coat and hat with white trim and white gloves. Between him and the woman he is calling is a branch of holly with bright red berries. The…
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