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Two people, who appear to be women, are leaving church down the snow-covered road. Above the inset is a small oval with Santa Claus smoking a pipe. The card is decorated with holly and gold and reads "A Merry Christmas" near the bottom.
Santa Claus, pipe in mouth, is holding up a teddy bear as if for inspection. He has a bag of toys on his back, which includes dolls and instruments. Santa is outside in the snow. "Best Christmas Wishes" is printed in the upper left.
Santa Claus is shown on the left side of the card; he is smoking a pipe and a bird is perched on his finger. There is a poem to the right which reads, "Merry Christmas / From here to there's an / awful ways, / measured by miles and / nights and days,…
Santa Claus is shown in profile on the right side of the card; he is smoking a pipe. The left side shows a holly wreath on a yellow background. Inside, it reads: "A Merry Xmas One and All Happy Hearts Large and Small".
Santa Claus is shown from the waist up, dressed in his traditional red suit with a cap rimmed in holly. He is grinning as he holds a kind of fancy pipe in his left hand. "A Happy Christmas To You" is printed in the space to the right.
Santa Claus is dressed in his red suit, smoking a pipe and holding open a large blank book with his golden-gloved hands. "A Merry Christmas to you all" is printed along the bottom.
Santa Claus is perched on the edge of a brick chimney, carrying a bag of toys while smoking and waving. There is the faint outline of a reindeer in the background and "Christmas Greetings" is printed in the lower right.
Santa Claus, in a snow-dusted red coat and hat, is pulling a toy out of his bag and stuffing it down a brick chimney while he is smoking a pipe. The bottom reads "With love from Santa Claus."
Santa Claus is pictured inside a golden bell that is decorated with holly; he is smoking a pipe while stuffing a jewelry box into a gray stocking. The bell reads "A Merry Xmas" at its top and "Sister's Delight" near the bottom. The card's background…
The card shows a head view of Santa Claus with a pipe in his mouth. There are toys behind him. "A Merry Christmas" is printed at the top and at the bottom is the poem, "We're here again with / The same old Smile, / To give good Cheer, / In the same…
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