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In a forest with a wreath, Santa Claus is seen having a joyful conversation with two elves during Christmastime. On the top right-hand side of the postcard reads "a Merry Christmas".
A woman in a bright pink robe is seen opening a green and white box with a red ribbon on it. From outside, Father Christmas is watching this moment happily as the snow falls around him. At the bottom left-hand side of the postcard "May old Father…
On a snowy night, Father Christmas is seen watching over a young girl preparing to go into a snow storm. The little girl, while she is bundled up for a snowy trek, is still apprehensive to go outside At the top left-hand side of the postcard, "A…
Beside the glow of a smiling candle is a tiny elf with a red outfit, clutching a rag. The elf and the candle are perched on top of a branch extending from a Christmas tree. Among the Christmas are red and gold ornaments.
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