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St. Nicholas is putting jewelry in shoes outside a door. He is wearing a red gown with gold accents.
St. Nicholas is putting gifts in children's shoes. He is holding a bouquet and a necklace.
St. Nicholas is handing out fruit to children. Children are surrounding him, and a little boy is reaching into his bag.
St. Nicholas is overlooking a girl watching out a window waiting for her gifts to be brought by St. Nick. There is snow outside and a Christmas Greeting.
St. Nicholas is leaving gifts for children on porch steps. Two children are watching him through the window.
St. Nicholas is handing two small children a toy doll. They are outside and the weather looks nice.
St. Nicholas fills the shoes of two very excited children as the sneakily watch. There appears to be wind or cold air inside the house. There is a Christmas greeting in German.
St. Nicholas is bringing gifts to a sleeping girl as angels fly over her and help. The girl has a quilted pink comforter and one angel is setting a doll on the nightstand.
Two children have their hands out waiting for St. Nicholas to give them gifts from his bag. The bag contains dolls and St. Nick is holding a red box.
St. Nicholas is holding a small child in one arm. Another young girl is playing with the gifts he got her.
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