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A woman in a winged hat, gray apron, and wooden shoes holds a child dressed likewise. An older girl stands to the left in the same type of outfit and is holding a doll up to her mother. There is a decorated Christmas tree in the background. Printed…
On the card, three white cats with brown and black markings on their ears are sitting in and around a wooden clog shoe. The background is dark while the floor is reddish-brown. "Three Sisters" is printed in white at the bottom.

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A bird is carrying gifts down the Chimney as two other birds sleep. There is texts about Peter's Weatherbird leather shoes on the postcard.
St. Nicholas is leaving gifts for children on porch steps. Two children are watching him through the window.
St. Nicholas is overlooking a girl watching out a window waiting for her gifts to be brought by St. Nick. There is snow outside and a Christmas Greeting.
A young boy is checking the shoes he left outside for St. Nick. St. Nicholas is overlooking the boy check his shoes for gifts.
St. Nicholas has his back turned and is placing jewelry in shoes. There are several pairs of shoes on the floor waiting to be filled!
St. Nicholas is putting gifts in children's shoes. He is holding a bouquet and a necklace.
St. Nicholas is playing with a puppet. There are pink heels next to him as well.
St. Nicholas is putting jewelry in shoes outside a door. He is wearing a red gown with gold accents.
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