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Krampus is seen in a household, attempting to leave a room. Children are standing in the doorway and there is a photograph on the wall in the hallway. Krampus has a barrel backpack, in which he has placed a crying child.
Krampus is seen in an outdoor scene with snow. He is wearing a baking hat and seems proud of the items he has produced on a platter.
Krampus is seen with a chained angle, who is praying
Krampus is seen serving a girl dinner. Underneath the table cloth, another little Krampus-like creature is seen.
This postcard has a mostly light blue background, with a white stripe on the right side. On the postcard, a young woman and young man stare lovingly at each other while a Krampus stands between them with its arms around them. The Woman sits on the…
Krampus is pictured writing a list, and he looks bored! He has expression on his face that he would rather be elsewhere. It is a red and black postcard.
Krampus breaking through top section of postcard, flames and brush stick held in his had. Words written in German off to the side on the bottom.
This postcard has a white background and consists of images drawn in black. The left side of the postcard has a man dressed in a pin-striped suit, bowler hat, and carrying a can turning to look back at the Krampus as he runs from him. The Krampus is…
Krampus is seen with children on a pitchfork standing in front of a fire. The children are being held over the fire.
Krampus is seen dancing with a woman. They both look happy.
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