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Sisters of St. Francis 2.jpg
A sister seated at a desk, wearing a nun's habit. She is writing with a pen on a piece of paper and smiling. #430 on edge.
Santa Claus is dressed in his red coat and stockings, writing a message on the white brick wall behind him. It says: "A Very Merry Christmas To one who deserves it".
Santa Claus is standing at a telegraph machine with earphones on, listening to the message coming through. He is looking down at the list he is writing through the frames of his classes. "Christmas Greetings" is printed at the top.
Santa Claus is seated at a table with a machine that looks like a switchboard on top of it; it has a a horn on one side which he is listening to. "A Merry Christmas" is printed at the bottom with a poem below: "You're in my Christmas circuit / And on…
The card has a strip of scenes across the center of its cream background. Santa Claus is writing with a quill in a book in the middle. To the left is a village with the moon rising above it, and the right shows a village scene. Underneath the left…
Santa Claus, dressed in a long red coat with toys at his belt, is standing at a desk and writing in a large book with his quill. There is a candle on the desk in front of him, and baskets and bins of toys and sweets near the front of the card.…
Santa Claus, dressed in a red hooded coat, is seated at a desk. He is writing with a feather quill in a book by the light of the candle on the table beside him. In the bottom right corner there is a holly decoration and the words "Christmas…
Santa Claus is standing in front of a decorated Christmas tree, pencil in one hand and paper in the other. He is smiling. "A Merry Christmas" is printed at the bottom.
Santa Claus is wearing his glasses while seated at his desk, writing in a big book with a quill pen. There is a wreath below with this message: "Your name is on my book as having been good. I will surely stop at your house. Santa."
Santa Claus is seated at his desk, wearing red and smoking a pipe. He is fixing a wax seal onto a package; there are more packages and letters on the desk and a candle atop one to the right. The card reads "A merry Christmas!"
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