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A young boy is checking the shoes he left outside for St. Nick. St. Nicholas is overlooking the boy check his shoes for gifts.
A child is praying to St. Nicholas for some fruit. This card is very blue.
Two children are kneeling and praying to St. Nicholas. St. Nicholas is carrying a bag of toys.
Two children watch at St. Nicholas dumps a bag of gifts into their shoes. The children look very happy and are trying to hide as the gifts are given.
St. Nicholas is overlooking a girl watching out a window waiting for her gifts to be brought by St. Nick. There is snow outside and a Christmas Greeting.
A round, jolly St. Nicholas with a red nose is giving a Christmas Greeting to a woman in a striped dress. The woman is holding a jostler stick.
Saint Nicolas sits on a bench hunched over. He is wearing a long, tan coat, a red hat with fur trim, and dark mittens. His hands are raised to his beard as he tries to keep warm. Nestled in his arms is a walking stick and beside him is a orange bag…
St. Nicholas is standing outside where there is very much snow. The card is all red, except for the snow. It features a Christmas greeting in German.
St. Nicholas appears as a vague white figure in a red background. The gold in his outfit is very detailed.
St. Nicholas is bringing gifts to a sleeping girl as angels fly over her and help. The girl has a quilted pink comforter and one angel is setting a doll on the nightstand.
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