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Santa is riding a horse with a front passenger. There are two small children holding lanterns and awaiting is arrival.
The main scene of the postcard features a mother and daughter waving out their window to Father Christmas. The mother is dressed in a blue gown with white frills. The daughter is dressed in a pink gown with a bow. The window curtain is red. To their…
Santa Claus in a bright red suit is asleep on one of two green park benches. A sign on his belly reads "Keep Off The Grass," and his overflowing bag of toys is to the right. On the ground to his left, one child points something at him. To the right,…
The horizontal card is red and the image and text very blurred. There appears to be a drawing on the left with an animal, perhaps a cow. The greeting reads "Good cause for taking the fence" and there is faint handwriting on the right.

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The words "Birthday Greetings" are printed in the upper right corner. The rest of the card features a white-woven basket of cats and flowers. The flowers are pink roses and a smaller blue/purple flower. Two cats, a brown and white one and a yellow…
The card features a snow-covered wooden structure. Inside, Mary has the baby Jesus seated on her lap. Three young girls kneel beside her while an angel stands behind them. Outside, another angel rings a bell. There is also a deer looking on from the…
The card, displayed horizontally, features a blonde-haired boy giving a girl a piggyback ride on the right side of the card. They are accompanied by three white geese. The background features a water scene with two ships.
The horizontal card has the message "Birthday Greetings" in the upper right corner and a scene of cats playing in a basket as the central focus. One cat is in the basket along with purple flowers and an envelope; the other sits outside of it.
The card features a white mother cat with three kittens - two orange and one black - resting on a blue pillow. There is a sprig of holly in the upper right corner and "A Merry Christmas" is printed in the uppermost left.
The card features a white kitten with a blue bow around its neck against a plain brown background. There is handwriting at the bottom.

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