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Santa Claus in red and brown stands before a shining light that reaches over the mountains in the background. He is carrying a toy ship, car, sword and drum while behind him he pulls a sled with a Christmas tree and bags of toys. There are icicles…
In the upper portion of the card is an inset of a large black and red ship at sea; next to it is a tall lamppost. The card reads ""Remembrance" from the Dear Old Home at Xmas / Across the boundless ocean / on this joyous Christmas day / comes a…
The card, done in black and white, features a woman in a long dress and bonnet. Standing at her feet is a turkey. In the top portion of the card, there is an inset of a sailing ship on the water. Above that is the greeting "Best Thanksgiving wishes".
The card, displayed horizontally, features a blonde-haired boy giving a girl a piggyback ride on the right side of the card. They are accompanied by three white geese. The background features a water scene with two ships.
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