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Spokesman 1953 - 54 1.jpg
A person standing with a tall stack of "College Spokesperson" books on the floor of the Library. They have their arm on top of the stack.

Library Door 5.jpg
A person walking through a door that reads "Reference Dept. Reading Room"

Library 4.jpg
Two people seated at a table with books in front of them. They are wearing the same shirt and looking at the camera.

Library 1.jpg
A group of people seated at tables, reading books.

Loose Negatives from rest of box 30.jpg
A person in a library looking at books on a counter. Several other people are seated in the library. Another person in the background is standing near a bookcase.
Father Christmas is walking through a snowy field. He has stopped, and his goodies are spilling out of the bag over his shoulder in a stream of fruit, books, and candy. There is a house in the background set among trees. "Frohliche Weihnachten!" is…
A red-haired, haloed child in a white gown is received a toy horse and books from two delivery angels in the room with them, while another angel floats outside the window. The background of the room contains a Christmas tree and more toys. The poem…
The card is entitled "Volumes of Good Wishes" and printed to look like it's on a torn piece of paper. Underneath the title is a stack of books, some sitting up, some laying down, and one open; an inkwell is next to them. Printed at the bottom are the…
The card features two children, a boy in yellow and a girl in green, who are sitting and reading from a book. Their clothes are open in the back so their behinds are bare. There are two more books to the right of the card, and the greeting at the top…
Father Christmas is the central figure of the card; he is shown waist-up. He wears a hooded red robe and has a holly crown. In his arms he holds a golden plate or tray piled high with gifts. There are dolls, packages, drums, books, and apples on the…
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